Part Time

Teragram Ballroom + Pretty But Wicked presents

Part Time

Vinyl Williams, Draag

Fri · March 15, 2019

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm


This event is all ages

Part Time
Part Time
Nearing a decade old and with a discography reaching deep into double figures across several different labels (Mexican Summer, Burger, Plastic Response Records), David Loca’s work under the Part Time moniker really shouldn’t require any introduction. Nonetheless, the release of what is officially his sixth album, fittingly titled Spell #6, does signal something of a re-birth and provides a compelling entry point for anyone new to Loca’s prolific output.

Whereas previous albums were notable for a charming lo-fi production, Spell #6 takes Part Time uptown, this time round the album was written and recorded in Los Angeles and Tas, telling tales of unrequited love, romantic gestures, bad decisions under hot lights, and unpinning it all, always (inevitably) LA.

Heavily influenced by the records, paintings and videos created by his dad as well as falling down YouTube-shaped rabbit holes, each smouldering track is doused with a classic pop flavour, spritzed with the sheen of synth-pop sensibility "I describe this album as ‘my studio album’, because it was entirely re-recorded at my drummer Walter Byer’s studio, unlike most of my past releases being bedroom experimental pop recordings.“ Loca produced the record himself, impressively appropriating a classic 80s pop sound that recalls some of the more grand productions of that era - think Stephen Street’s expressive production on ‘Last Night I Dreamt Somebody Loved Me’, Crowded House and The Church’s widescreen interpolation of Paisley Underground jangle, and there’s even traces Gerard McMann’s grandiose ‘Cry Little Sister’. In that sense, the record stands as an outlier in Loca’s catalogue, and in doing so sheds the sometimes limiting trappings of bedroom recording.

“I wanted to take the album to a beautiful place with a deeply honest voice, leading to what I feel is a hypnotizing cycle of wonder and love,” explains David. “I envision stories, cheesy montages in my head and try to paint a visual picture of them through the music.”

Whether you call it factual fiction or fictional fact, Spell#6 feels like a Lynchian melodrama, lead by its own cast of complex characters. There’s the suicidal party girls of ‘Before You Fall Apart,’ which draws on David’s love of Roxy Music with its Bryan Ferry slant. ‘The Boys That Make Her Cry’ laments falling for the wrong guy as it marches to a punky rock’n’roll Bowie beat and the protagonist of ‘Silent Francine’ notices unfamiliar feelings in herself and those around her as she grows. Through its sexy Careless Whisper haze, a damsel in distress is serenaded by the soulful sax of ‘I Can Treat You Better’ – where Ariel Pink’s guest appearance transforms the track into an infectious neon earworm. “Every song comes from a different part of my brain,” David reveals. “Sometimes I write songs as a gay man, sometimes as a woman. I just think, ‘if I were this person, I would like to write a song like this,’ I just write in different characters.”

Ostensibly tied to time and place, Spell#6 could only have been made on the West Coast, yet, Part Time has always made his music accessible and wide-reaching - a unique proposition in 2018
- Tough Love Records
Vinyl Williams
Vinyl Williams
The rare history of harmonious pop music imbued in Vinyl Williams's world is finally coming to the conscious surface in the warped form of a celestial hyper-coaster, combining sunshine pop, afrobeat, and progressive rock into a dense emanation of sonic optics. The California native has attuned his sound palette to the cosmic quintessence – opalescent tones that harmonize chaos, synchronizing a global family of celestial harmonies into a macrocosmic epicenter.

Williams's approach to music is almost purely aesthetic, arranging ecstatically ornate patterns that juxtapose the electric guitar chords with the bass line in rapturously risky variations. Without a doubt, it's not your average psychedelic pop music. It doesn't veil simple campfire chords with spring & fuzz. It's more like stretched-out jazz for the layman, allowing one to be aware of its changes without them passing by you unconsciously.

Williams also creates his own immersive realms in the form of 360º videos, downloadable explorable worlds, and interactive web art. These ineffable environments impress upon transcendental incorporeal states of being around the center star of Orion – Alnilam.

Before meeting Iasos (founder of New Age music) in 2013, Williams already had an out-of-body experience where he visited this syncretic haven. During their conversation, Iasos revealed a similar experience that had occurred where an ineffable intelligence "Vesta" sent endless hours of higher dimensional footage into his mind in an instant. The process hence has been a process of discovering how these visual architectural & sonic atmospheric forms can be concentrated in a pop structure. The main ambition of the group is to transmute qualitative opposites into an equilibrium of light & sound, that ultimately has a beneficial affect for the audience.

Active since 2007, the group have toured extensively with Toro y Moi, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Mount Kimbie, This Will Destroy You, Temples, among others.

The new album "Into" was released last July on Carpark / Company Records.

For fans of: Woodsman, Belong, Tim Hecker, Pure X, My Bloody Valentine, Can.

Recent support slots include: Unknown Mortal Orchestra, & Toro Y Moi.
Venue Information:
The Teragram Ballroom
1234 West 7th Street
Los Angeles, CA, 90017