Shy Girls

Shy Girls

Ana Roxanne

Fri · May 17, 2019

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm


This event is all ages

Shy Girls
Shy Girls
Acclaimed pop singer/producer Dan Vidmar, a.k.a. Shy Girls, will
release a new album, ​Bird on the Wing, ​in Spring of 2019​.
The album contains a palpable sense of Vidmar’s evolution towards the carefree, a newfound buoyancy and optimism which pervades the whole effort. The album is an enticing and uplifting mixture of lo-fi soul, nerdy jam outs, minimalist grooves and a whole lot of chimes. It pulls from a far-reaching and unexpected array of influences, with elements of Jaco and Weather Report, dusty Dilla-esque drums, and noodling Garcia guitar solos.
The timeless warmth of Vidmar’s vocals are, as always, at the heart of things. Once again the album was self-produced by Vidmar at his home studio, and he also played and recorded the majority of its instrumentation, relying heavily this time around on a Casio CZ5000 and a fretless bass.

Yet this time the “bedroom pop” moniker might find a deeper meaning in the context of ​Bird on the Wing’​s​ ​lyrical content. On a standout track, “This Is Your World”,​ ​Vidmar sings: “I feel your presence in my bones, from my chest to my toes....this must be what they talk about”. Filled with the contentment​ ​and peace that a deep love brings, the love songs of ​Bird on the Wing​ seem crafted effortlessly, imbued with the intoxicating liveliness of romantic (even, domestic) bliss. It’s an album fit to soundtrack Fall drives with the top dropped, or dinner parties for 2 on the bedroom floor, alike - those moments where we feel the music of our world all around us. ​Bird on the Wing i​ s rife with deeply intimate professions, coupled with grooves that feel nearly levitational. These are the sounds of a seasoned pop songwriter who has not only hit his stride, but found a new spring in his step to boot.

Shy Girls first came to attention in 2013 with his slow burning, sax-tinged “Under Attack,” followed by the release of his buzzed-about Timeshare​ EP, subsequent ​4WZ m​ ixtape and - most recently - the progressive and cinematic opus ​Salt,​ which was his full-length debut. Vidmar has collaborated with artists such as Cyril Hahn, Tei Shi, Rome Fortune, Junglepussy, and ODESZA, and has toured with HAIM, Little Dragon, and Maxwell.
Ana Roxanne
Ana Roxanne
Ana Roxanne is an intersex Southeast Asian musician based in Los Angeles. Born & raised in the Bay Area to immigrant parents, Ana's love for music and singing began through her mother's cd collection of 80's/90's R&B divas. Raised in the catholic church, she became a devout choir nerd and found any opportunity to sing, whether for religious mass, the jazz ensemble of her catholic high school, or karaoke at family gatherings. Her commitment to singing led her to a brief stint at a vocational jazz program in the cornfields of the midwest; in a remote town of 7,000 people, she began a formal study of jazz and classical music. During these years she would tour with various ensembles to beautiful old cathedrals in nearby cities and became enamored with the sacredness of choral music, as well as the enveloping sound of harmony. A near death experience, too, served as a connection between music and spirituality, and music as a healing art after facing tragedy.

In 2013, Ana was also fortunate enough to spend a few months in Uttarkhand, India where she met an incredible voice teacher who introduced her to classical Hindustani singing. Living and studying with this teacher deeply impacted her outlook on the voice as art. It was there that she began to see the singer - the Diva - as a symbol of divinity; that the unique power of one's voice comes from the vulnerability of using the body as an instrument. Be it romance, love, or worship of a deity - in order to access such depths of emotional expression, one must be willing to be intensely vulnerable, lay one's heart in the open air, expose what is kept hidden. This brief study was the catalyst that led her to finish her music study at the experimental Mills College in Oakland, CA, where she began to combine all of these influences into her current self-titled project. This album ~~~ was created during her last years residing in the Bay Area, a tribute to the great musicians who inspired her and the landscape where she spent her formative years.

In addition to the worship of R&B and pop divas, Ana's current practice explores themes of gender & identity. In October of 2018, she decided to come out publicly as intersex, and is dedicated to being a voice for her community and speaking out about social justice for intersex youth.
Venue Information:
The Teragram Ballroom
1234 West 7th Street
Los Angeles, CA, 90017