Diamante Eléctrico

Diamante Eléctrico

Diamante Eléctrico
Ages 21+
Diamante Eléctrico at The Moroccan Lounge $15 21+

Diamante Eléctrico is Juan Galeano (Vocals, Bass), Daniel Álvarez (Guitar), and Andee Zeta (Drummer), three Colombian musicians whom Bob Lefsetz described as: “Sounds like a fusion of Green Day and Muse, with a bit of Led Zeppelin.” Since its inception in 2013, the band has become one of the most important groups in the independent music scene in Colombia.

The band released their first album, “Diamante Eléctrico” in 2013, funding it through a Kickstarter campaign, which made it the first Colombian band to do this. When the public began to listen to their raw rock and nuances of blues, they could not stop listening. The second single, "Nos Rompemos Igual," reached # 1 in the Colombian radio listings.

At the end of 2014, the band released their successful second album called ‘B’. The tour took them to stages such as Rock al Parque, The LAMC, Vive Latino, and more. This production won the Latin Grammy in the “Best Rock Album” category. That same year, the band shared stages with The Foo Fighters and The Rolling Stones.

Their album, ‘ Gran Oscilación,” came out in mid-October 2016. This album was recorded in Bogota, in complete analog fashion, with the help of engineer Joshua Smith (Jack White, The Raconteurs). The vocalist Juan Galeano affirms that the album is more experimental and conceptual. On “Placebo”, the first single from the recording, guitarist Daniel Álvarez says, “it is a good example of the rest of the album, because we wrote all the songs together”. The songs "Déjala Rodar" and "Luz Secreta" also included in this release, have been supported and recognized by the media and followers of the group in the US, Mexico and Colombia.

With this album, Diamante Eléctrico won for the second time the category "Best Rock Album" of the Latin Grammy, as well as "Best Rock Song" for "Déjala Rodar."

Recognized as one of the main bands in the alternative scene, the three-time Latin Grammy Award winning Diamante Eléctrico, returns with a new song in collaboration with Dominican singer-songwriter Vicente García. "Sólo Tú, Dueles" is the first song that will start a series of ten biweekly musical deliveries that will give life to "BUITRES & CO.".

The new collaborative and reimagined project presents reinvented versions of the songs of the acclaimed Diamante album, "Buitres", now with the voices of Kase.O, Alison Mosshart and Francisca Valenzuela among others, which will be released from this August 16 until the end of this year.

The group formed by Juan Galeano, Daniel Álvarez and Andee Zeta, will continue their tour in Bogotá, Colombia in the EQ MUSIC FEST, followed by the long-awaited international festival AUSTIN CITY LIMITS (ACL) where for the first time the alternative group will step on this important stage to then appear in several Texas cities and weeks later, be part of the TECATE Republic Fest in the capital of Chihuahua, Mexico, and then return to the west coast of the US in November.

Venue Information:
Moroccan Lounge
901 E 1st St
Los Angeles, CA, 90012