Defeater + Modern Life is War


Modern Life Is War, Initiate, Supercrush, Choir Vandals

All Ages
Defeater + Modern Life Is War at The Teragram Ballroom $18 Advance / $20 Day of Show


Defeater has never been afraid to take it to the next level - an initial concept hardcore album has grown into 6 studio releases, each building on the foundation of the other to transcend genre and subject matter, connecting with fans all over the world. The latest chapter in the Defeater universe, their Self-Titled fifth LP, showcases the band at their most fully-realized, and most raw.

With members scattered across the US and Europe playing in multiple other projects, the songs were traded remotely at first. Every few months the group got together to synthesize and distill their ideas. The process let the songs marinate and mature, while retaining their spontaneity. This was a first for a band usually forced into shorter writing sessions and led to the most organic batch of songs yet- songs that stretch the boundaries of the group while remaining classically "Defeater". The instrumentation is complimented by a new narrative approach, inhabiting Archambault's own "Glass family" (an homage to the J.D. Salinger characters) in a more enigmatic way.

To capture the songs that would become "Defeater", the band partnered with producer/engineer/force of nature Will Yip whose enthusiasm and talent pushed the songs to their fullest potential. What emerged from these sessions is the most devastating, yet sonically arresting, Defeater record to date. It's as pummeling as it is atmospheric, showcasing a band continually rediscovering itself and still hungry.

Modern Life Is War:

We formed Modern Life Is War in early 2002 in our hometown of Marshalltown, Iowa. By the time we played our first show in our drummer’s parents basement on April 20th, 2002 we already had our self-released 7” in the works. We were very naive and didn’t know much about what we were about to get into. That summer we booked our own tour to the East Coast and back. The end of that tour was very likely to be the end of the band’s existence. However, by the time we got home it was clear that it was already taking on a life of it’s own and there was more work to be done. The beginnings of our band were completely DIY and homegrown and although many things have changed and progressed we always keep those early days in mind in everything we do. All aspects of Modern Life Is War remain very personal to us.

We have released four full length albums: My Love. My Way. (2003), Witness (2005), Midnight in America (2007), and Fever Hunting (2013). Like all bands that have been around for some time, we have been through some shit. Broken Vans, breakups, reunions, injuries, tours, lineup changes, mental illness, peaks, valleys, misery and general confusion. This has been one of the most frustrating yet extremely rewarding things we have done with our lives. We value creativity, self-expression and independent thought and do our best to represent that with our music and our lyrics.

Along the way we have developed a wildly supportive cult of supporters (thank you) who allow us to keep traveling and recording. We are currently battling it out in this mad world through a series of 7" singles we have titled “Tribulation Worksongs.” Volumes 1 & 2 came out in 2018 and 2019 will see the release of the next two volumes. Modern Life Is War is Jeffrey Eaton (vocals), Chris Honeck (bass), John Eich (Guitar), Luke Rauch (Drums) and Bo Becker (Guitar). Former members include: Matt Hoffman, Tyler Oleson, Sjarm 13 and Tim Churchman. Even as elderly people who don’t have many years left on this earth we still enjoy getting wild as hell and screaming and sweating on stages and floors around the world. Please come join us.

Homebase: Marshalltown, Iowa

Label: Deathwish Inc.

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Venue Information:
Teragram Ballroom
1234 W 7th St
Los Angeles, CA, 90017